Respect in Sports-Parent (Brantford Community Hockey League)


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  • One parent or guardian for each player registered in minor hockey will be required to complete the Respect in Sport - Parent Program as a condition of participation.  The one-hour online course is a proactive, educational program that empowers parents with the tools to ensure the game is enjoyable and respectful for themselves, their children and all other stakeholders in the game.
  • This is a required course from Hockey Canada and Alliance, and players cannot be approved on a roster until it is complete.
  • The cost of this course is not pd for and is only a one-time fee of $11.30
  • This course is mandatory in order for your child to be eligible to play. Failure to complete this course will restrict your child’s on ice participation.
  • This is a mandatory part of registering with any minor hockey association in Canada and your child cannot be rostered to a team without it - if your child’s team should chose to play an exhibition game outside of regular play or go to the Alliance or City Championships, they will not be able to attend without this course completed.
  •  This is only required one time and by only one parent per household.  Please complete this course as soon as possible and by the deadline of Jan. 31.
  •  If you have older children in hockey and you have already completed the course, YOU MUST  log back in to your Respect In Sport account and add your child to your account profile – this will then show up on their Hockey Canada profile.
  • You need to log into the Respect In Sport website and link your child to your profile.  Once you are logged in, go to CHILD MANAGEMENT and start typing your child's name and select it from the list. 
  • Then select the association if Brantford Community is not showing - type in Brantford Church or Brantford Community Hockey League - save your information.
  • For more information and to complete the course, please visit: