Avalanche, U9, Season #1 - 2020, HL (Brantford Community Hockey League)


This Team is part of the Season #1 - 2020 season, which is not set as the current season.
Team Record
Season #1 - 2020
No upcoming games scheduled.

Welcome to BCHL SEASON #1 2020/2021.


  • Before each practice or game, each player (or their parent) needs to submit the above screening. They can do this up to 8 hrs. before your ice time.


The Wayne Gretzky Sports Center and the Civic Center have been approved to move forward in allowing spectators into the rink areas of the facility.   It is expected that the user groups will be responsible for monitoring and managing the total number of people in their designated rinks to maintain the maximum of 50 people.  

  • At this time, dressing rooms will remain closed and benches and chairs will be set up for participants to use ONLY.   The safety of all participants, Coaches, Trainers, Referees, Spectators, and staff is our number one priority.


Following these guidelines is of utmost priority!


  1. We are limited with the amount of people we can have in each arena during each ice time.  This includes all players, parents, coaches, trainers, and Parent Ambassadors monitoring COVID precautions.
  2. When coming to the rink, please remember only 1 adult per player is allowed in the building/arena.  At this time, siblings and spectators are not allowed. 
  3. Anyone entering the building will be screened by your teams Parent Ambassador to ensure contact tracing is accurate.
  4. Anyone entering the building must wear a mask at all times.  Players can remove their mask once they are about to go on ice and must put it back on when helmet is removed.
  5. Please arrive only 10 min before ice time. 
  6. Each player will be assigned the use of a chair located around the ice surface to put on skates, helmets, etc.  Parents can assist their own child.
  7. GOALIES ONLY -  You will be permitted to enter the arena 5 mins before the rest of the team but you must be screened by the Coach first. You will be  able to use a changeroom to get equipment on.  Once dressed, you must take ALL your belongings with you to the designated area around the rink.  The dressing rooms will remain open at all times.  Goalies will only have 10 mins to leave the room after the rental is complete.  Showers will not be accessible.
  8. Once player is on the ice, parents MUST PROCEED to seating area and maintain social distancing - STANDING AT GLASS OR IN COMMON AREAS IS NOT ALLOWED AT THIS TIME.
  9. Once players leave ice, they will have 10 min to vacate the arena through designated doors (each rink will be different)
  10. Any violation of the above rules by any member of BCHL can put our association at risk of loosing all ice privileges within the City of Brantford.
  11. Please continue to follow our website and read emails as updates and changes to the above rules WILL occur frequently.
  12. Civic Center parking - Parking for coaches, trainers and skaters will be in the two Civic Centre Front parking lots, by the flag pole.
  13. WGSC parking - Parking for coaches, trainers and skaters will be in the lots over by Rink #2 and Rink #3.
  14. Please review the City of Brantford Arena Spectator Protocols HERE before coming to the arena.

Spectators Guidelines:

  • Only 50 people in total are permitted in each rink during each ice rental. This includes participants on the ice, Coaches, Trainers, Referees, and Spectators.
  • Spectators are NOT permitted to stay in the lobby/corridor area.  They must proceed to the assigned rink and sit in the designated spectator area.
  • All spectators must wear masks before entering the Facility and while in the facility.
  • All spectators must practice social distancing of 2 meters or 6 feet.
  • NO HOCKEY BAGS ALLOWED - Carry necessary equipment into the arena.  The spectator will help the participant with tying up their skates and putting on their helmet.  The spectator must always be wearing their mask.
  • Once the participant’s equipment is on safely, the spectator will progress to the designated spectator area.  The spectator must always wear their mask and must practice social distancing of 2 meters or 6 feet.
  • Once the ice session is complete, the spectator will help the participant remove their skates and helmet and have the participant put their mask back on before leaving the rink area.  The spectators and participants will follow the signage and exit the Facility immediately.  No loitering will be permitted.

Organizations (User Group) will be responsible for:

  • Screening all players, coaches, trainers, and spectators before entering the Facility. A parent Ambassador can be chosen to assist with this process but only after completing the facility training.
  • Ensuring the players, coaches, trainers, and spectators are permitted in the building and confirm the number of people does not exceed 50.  ONLY spectators that are affiliated with the group on the ice will be permitted in the Facility.
  • Ensuring everyone entering the building is wearing a mask.
  • Coaches, trainers, participants, and spectators will follow all signage posted and continue to the assigned rink. Congregating in the lobby/hallway is NOT allowed.
  • Any organization/user group found not following the 50-person limit will risk losing their ice privileges. 
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